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Local Electrician and Electrical business for hire

We are your local electrician, and  a brand-new electrical business.  We are equipped with the ability to solve your problems related to the electrical system in your home and business.  J-Paul Electric is a Richmond based company;  we cover the city and the counties that surround it.  For immediate answers, give us a call or send an email.  We have been providing outstanding service to clients from Hanover County, all the way down to Petersburg, VA.  We are proud of our service, and intend to continue providing quality electrical services.

Ceiling Fan and lighting installations

Ceiling fans and lighting installations are among the top services that are provided by the electrician.  The ceiling fans seem to go up all year around, not just in the summer.  Understanding why is very easy for homeowners that focus on home energy efficiency.  So as long as they spin, they can play a big part in getting air circulated within the home.  Additionally and usually, ceiling fans may provide a light.

Electrical Repairs and Maintenance

Your home may require electrical maintenance and repair every so often. This does not mean that something is wrong with your electrical wiring, however it can be critical. Fuses and breakers provide extra safety for your home as it burns power, as do GFCI receptacles. We can easily replace or repair them, as we can for the switches and other outlets that provide electricity for consumption.  Call us if you need any kind of electrical repairs.

Service Upgrades

Service Upgrades allow you to have more available apparent power for your home.  The need is dependent upon the last time your home may have been wired or updated.  Kitchen additions, more rooms, bigger HVAC systems, and small commercial shops extended from the home may be the reason.  None the less, it will be because you want more out of your existing electrical service, and so a larger service may be supplied.  Call now if you are interested and have questions.

Recess Can Lighting Installations

Recess Can lighting installations provide your home with modern lighting-powered by the efficiency of LED lighting.  We provide a professional service, and quality minded electricians.  Therefore, we are glad to install some of the best can lighting brands, even giving you the capabilities to change the color temperature of the light.  We are good at keeping sheet rock damage to a minimum, when installing recess lighting.  Call now if you are interested and have questions.

Licensed and Insured

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Ceiling Fans Installations
Light-fixture Installations
Outlet/Receptacle Repairs
Service Upgrades
Circuit Divides
GFCI Protection
Microwave Installs
New Home Wiring
Remodel Wiring
Addition Wiring
Small Commercial Jobs
Recess Can Lighting
Dimmer Switch Installs
Dedicated Circuits.

The J Paul Electric Code, is to perform duties according to the National Electrical Code, and to meet the satisfaction of customers and clients.

  • Professionalism
  • Kindness and Courtesy
  • Quality Worksmanship
  • Electrical Industry Dedication
  • Cleanliness
  • Communication Skills
  • and Integrity

We build meaning full relationships, and have reverences available for you.  We are a transparent company.

Electrical Service that we bring

The electrical service that we bring you, will be as the same which we have already provided to previous customers and clients before you.  This means that we will continue to meet your wishes-with quality workmanship.    Our services range from repairs on electrical systems in homes and in businesses, to reworking, remodeling, and for the installation of various lighting systems.

J-Paul Electric understands how much your dwelling places mean to you; therefore, we have already implemented ideas and procedures that will assure that our service is as outstanding as we imagine it to be.  The demand for the electrician is quite high in 2021 also, and we are on it in two aspects.

Richmond, Chesterfield, Hanover, Petersburg, Henrico, Virginia

1stly, this company is passionate about passing the trade on to the younger generations.  2ndly, this company wants to be a positive and beneficial asset to Richmond City, Chesterfield County, Hannover County, Henrico County, Petersburg, and Colonial Heights of the commonwealth of Virginia.  In other words, our service is aimed to meeting the demands of more than just our clients and customers.  Our goal is to be a pillar of the communities, the industry, and for family and friends.

“What does that have to do with our electrical services?”  It means that we must be of a high caliber, yet affordable and reasonable.  We understand where your values lie.  That is why J-Paul Electric is what it is today.  Along with that, we have plans to continue serving residents in an efficient manner.

Small Electrical Contractor

Currently, we are a small electrical contractor.  We are  transparent in our services and have excellent communication skills.  Before you decide to go with J-Paul Electric, call or email us for so that we can make sure that we are the best fit you.  We are technically in our grand opening stage, and do not like to make mistakes that will cost us or our clients.

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