Treat it like it’s hot

“Treat it Like it’s hot” is precaution!
That’s what I was taught during my apprenticeship training, but more importantly it’s what I have learned by my own experiences.
It’s very much like saying, “better safe than sorry.” Today, this is how I live my life, so I find it worth posting about. It keeps us safe!
I remember being asked for help during a time where I was very busy. I wanted to help, however helping another at that time was just not feasible for me. If I helped, I was sure to fail in my own life. I managed to say “NO. I cannot.” The guy was shocked, and walked a way hurt. I felt great about it, only because I didn’t lose sight of the responsibilities that I was already focused on. I look back to this moment often, because it was a big learning experience for me.
Another fellow overheard the conversation, and said to me this.
“NO is almost always the wisest answer that one can give.”
I considered what he said in many aspects, and concluded that he is right.
It was the great spirit of life and man, whispering in my ear.
So what happened to “treating it like it’s hot?” Well that’s very simple as it is of the same thing. WISDOM. Saying no, is the same behavior as treating it like it’s hot…