Sometimes Rain causes GFCI’s to trip

Sometimes the rain causes GFCI’s to trip, and we lose lights and power to electrical outlets. Calling the electrician however, may not be necessary. So the GFCI is an outlet that looks like the one below. It has a TEST BUTTON and a RESET BUTTON. You should try to push in the reset button to bring the power back. If this does not work, then you may want to call an electrician. Very often, is such a service call fixed by simply pressing the button. Save some money before you call an electrician out. Thank you!

Treat it like it’s hot

“Treat it Like it’s hot” is precaution!
That’s what I was taught during my apprenticeship training, but more importantly it’s what I have learned by my own experiences.
It’s very much like saying, “better safe than sorry.” Today, this is how I live my life, so I find it worth posting about. It keeps us safe!
I remember being asked for help during a time where I was very busy. I wanted to help, however helping another at that time was just not feasible for me. If I helped, I was sure to fail in my own life. I managed to say “NO. I cannot.” The guy was shocked, and walked a way hurt. I felt great about it, only because I didn’t lose sight of the responsibilities that I was already focused on. I look back to this moment often, because it was a big learning experience for me.
Another fellow overheard the conversation, and said to me this.
“NO is almost always the wisest answer that one can give.”
I considered what he said in many aspects, and concluded that he is right.
It was the great spirit of life and man, whispering in my ear.
So what happened to “treating it like it’s hot?” Well that’s very simple as it is of the same thing. WISDOM. Saying no, is the same behavior as treating it like it’s hot…

Resetting GFCI outlet

Resetting a GFCI outlet is often the solution. Lights may have gone out in a bathroom or even outside, and you are rightfully baffled. How did the electrical malfunction seemingly with out reason.

How ever, there may have been a heavy rain the night before that caused the overcurrent device (gfci and circuit breakers) to open or trip the circuit. This stinks for you, but is an easy fix. You simply reset the GFCI by pressing the button on it that says “reset”.

This is a good piece of knowledge for every homeowner, as it may cost you a fair penny to rectify something so easily.

  • GFCI breakers
  • GFCI outlets for indoor an outdoor.
  • Best practices, such as ease of use, quality, availability and security – site managers must be compliant with data laws requiring them to protect customer information and the integrity of customer accounts.

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